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Our healing work is rooted in justice.  In order to achieve racial and gender equity, we must disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression and acknowledge the generational trauma we experience while pursuing individual and collective healing and wellness.


"Healing Justice is a framework that identifies how we can holistically respond to
and intervene on intergenerational trauma and violence, and to bring collective
practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our
collective bodies, hearts and minds" - Cara Page


RAGE is actively recruiting middle and high-school youth, ages 13-17, to join our RAGE Healing Youth Mental Health Advocacy Team.   This team will participate in self & community healing, mental health advocacy, training and education, and outreach and engagement activities.  Advocacy will include supporting the CA Mental Health Services and Oversight & Accountability Committee (MHSOAC) Spots are limited.  Stipends available.

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Funded by Elevate Youth California, the RAGE HEAL Co-op is a an intersectional youth-serving-youth cooperative that provides a network of healing, education, arts and leadership programs (HEAL Cooperative) that work independently and collectively to impact systems change and prevent substance use for 250 Black youth in Sacramento county.  Participants receive a $10,000 capacity building grant, and tons of support.  Join our newsletter to stay in touch and learn more!

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Youth virtual healing

Online resources for when you are tired, or angry, or sad, or even when you are feeling fine and just need some encouragement.

This space was created by community members & youth of color.  We are also working to transfer content to our brand new #app.  Stay tuned.

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individual & group support

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Funded by Dignity Health, we offer a limited number of therapeutic services including: trauma-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.  All of our services build on ancestral and cultural healing practices and are provided by Associate Therapist, Chipo Ashe.

RAGE YOUTH Collective

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Funded by the California Department of Education, the goal of RAGE Youth Collective, is to address social isolation among Black youth and nonblack youth of color.  The RAGE team can come out to your school or community program and provide workshops or events related to: youth mental health; stigma reduction; substance use prevention & harm reduction; and advocacy & activism.


If you want to work for RAGE, this is a great place to start.  See our job board for more information.


RAGE HEAL Fellowship

The RAGE HEAL Fellowship supports 10 Black youth social entrepreneurs annually through a 10 month program to support them on their healing, education, arts and leadership journey.  Funded by Dignity Health participants receive a $1000 stipend as well as coaching, support, community building and networking, in order to successfully launch or continue their businesses.  Cohort 1, 2 and 3 youth are outchea serving their community!

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 Wellness, practices like yoga and meditation can help us create space, reclaim power and move trauma through our bodies.  Our Black youth yogi, Kaiah, leads free classes for youth virtually and in-person.  Adult classes start at $40. Group or organizational sessions are also available.  Please click below for more information.

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healing space

In July 2020 we opened a youth healing space located at 2251 Florin Road, Suite 203, Sacramento CA.  This space is free for youth to engage in yoga, meditation, dance and healing.  Adults may use the space for a small fee.  If you would like to learn more, or utilize the space, please click below.

RAGE Healing mini grant

In 2020 we launched our first RAGE Healing Mini-Grant, giving six youth of color from around the state a $500 stipend toward their healing businesses.  Check out their amazing work below. 

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restful leadership

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If you are exposed to the trauma and suffering of others, we can help  you manage and move through secondary trauma and compassion fatigue.  Individual & institutional support available.  Our current Restful Leadership cohort supports Black women & femme healers through their own trauma stewardship.

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