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We come alongside young people (ages 13-26) and provide them with opportunities to become activists and change makers in their communities.  By providing leadership training, life skills and advocacy opportunities to Black youth, we offer them not only a chance to be better equipped in their own lives, we also allow them to change conditions now and in the future.  All RAGE programming focuses on our key areas: healing, education, advocacy and research

High School Student

rage ambassadors

RAGE Ambassador program is a community based intern program that allows youth ages 13-18 an entry point into RAGE programming. 


Youth will experience hands-on learning related to racial and gender justice, youth development, restful leadership and other change-making areas of their choice.  Ambassadors may receive a $500 stipend per semester.

RAGE Ambassadors also work on "adulting" skills while participating in social justice or community service campaigns.


RAGe sisterhood

Funded by Elevate Youth California, the Sisterhood Collective serves to reduce substance use by young girls and women of color ages 13-26 in Sacramento County and increase awareness of harmful drug usage, empowerment to set and achieve goals, and general sense of direction and positive thinking to focus on social justice and healing. 

The RAGE Sisterhood provides a space for Black girls* and nonblack girls of color to engage in leadership development, mentorship, healing, peer to-peer learning and resource-sharing.

*Open to gender non binary & gender expansive youth.


RAGE HEAL Fellowship

Focusing on healing, entrepreneurship and leadership skills, the RAGE HEAL Fellowship provides 15 young adults with an intensive collaborative network in order to increase capacity of youth-driven and youth led healing programming through mini-grants, training and collaborative coaching.


Youth social entrepreneurs will receive support to build and expand their healing practices.  Participants will receive $1000 to invest in their business.

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mental health advocacy

Youth ambassadors participate in mental health training and social justice campaigns in order to reduce the stigma of mental health among Black youth, increase access to virtual and in-person resources and engage in policy advoacy.

Peers ages 13-18 with lived expertise navigating mental health and mental health systems encouraged to apply.


The RAGE Virtual Healing space provides online resources for Black youth and community members.


organizational advocacy

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 policy development

Do you have a desire to create systemic change, but need help engaging those who will be most impacted by your efforts?

We can help you center those most historically marginalized; engage youth & community members; create objectives that uplift hope and reduce harm; identify and influence decision makers and implement a change making strategy.


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Do you need to build leadership capacity & increase engagement opportunities for youth and community members?


We can help you engage your community, develop youth-led campaigns and advocate for racial and gender equity.  We can also provide leadership development for youth & community through coaching and educational workshops.

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Do you need help developing your strategic plan and collaborative vision.

Our youth facilitators can help you conduct collaborative strategic planning, as well as work with your community to create your vision, mission and core values. 

We can help you develop a social justice, or equity plan, that is driven by need and supported by youth and community members.


Our participatory models help you connect authentically with the communities you serve in order to make a long-term difference.  We can help you improve youth & community engagement; design advocacy campaigns; and support your local and global efforts to create change.


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