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" ... anger expressed and translated into action in the service of our vision and our future is a liberating and strengthening act of clarification ..." Audre Lorde


We believe every person of African descent should have access to spaces where they can build community, capacity, prosperity, peace, and purpose; and, every organization should have the support, skill, and resources to build equitable spaces. We believe if Black people are free all people can be free.

We imagine: We envision a world where every young person has spaces where they can be free.

We build: We provide an infrastructure of support to individuals and communities working to create change.

We dismantle: We work with individuals & organizations to disrupt white supremacy culture and create anti-racist spaces.


We harness the power of individual and collective transformation through healing, education, advocacy, and research.

core values

We believe, it is natural for us to experience rage in situations of injustice and inequity.


We allow our anger to motivate us to transform or abolish the systems and institutions that perpetuate harm.  Motivated by love, we create space to dream, imagine and build new spaces that are just and free. 


While complete transformation may take time we recognize the urgency, and we patiently celebrate every liberatory moment


Thus, our work is rooted in the following values:


  • Love & Liberation: driven by love, we pursue liberation for all people by uplifting Black joy, happiness and peace in our work and in our community.  We work to dismantle, and abolish, systems of white supremacy culture that perpetuate antiblackness and threaten freedom.

  • Participatory & Collaborative: the work we do is driven by those most impacted by the change being created. We use participatory and collaborative frameworks, to develop systems & infrastructure, so that our work will exist and expand long after we are gone.  

  • Youth & Community Centered: young people are at the center of our work.  We recognize, and strive to increase the power of Black youth and community members, as well as develop their capacity to create change within RAGE and without. We also center community and community care.  We cannot do this work in isolation.  

  • Intersectional: we use an intersectional, anti-racism lens that centers race and addresses the complex and cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination combine, overlap, or intersect, especially in the experiences of historically and systemically marginalized people.

  • Resist binaries: We reject binaries; binaries in gender, race, and other forms of stratification.  We recognize the world is nuanced.  We move away from “either or” and lean into the “yes and”. We also recognize this may mean we have to unlearn, try and retry and expect we won’t always get it right. 

  • Restful leadership: We recognize the impact of trauma in our everyday lives and celebrate the growth and resistance of historically marginalized people.  We also model the dismantling of white supremacy culture by promoting authentic workplace wellness and restful leadership within RAGE.  We recognize our leadership role in current and future justice movements.  We also believe self care and squad care (community care) are interconnected.

  • Transformative social justice: Transformative Justice is an abolitionist and political framework that seeks to respond to violence (including state sanctioned violence) without creating more violence and/or engaging in harm reduction to lessen the violence. We strive for justice in all forms, including:

    • Racial justice

    • Gender justice

    • Educational justice

    • Economic justice

    • Healing justice

    • Climate and environmental justice



Dr. Stacey Chimimba Ault founded the Race and Gender Equity (RAGE) Project in 2016. We are a Black led, organization rooted in healing & social justice, Critical Race Theory, human rights, and restful leadership frameworks. 


Stacey Chimimba Ault has spent her career in direct partnership with youth and community members fighting for social change. She draws from her experiences as a public administrator conducting program development, inside-outside change making, community organizing and policy development; as well as her experiences as a professor at Sacramento State and University of San Francisco.  Dr. Ault received her doctorate in International and Multicultural Education, with an emphasis in Human Rights Education from the University of San Francisco.  She received her BA in Psychology, and MSW from Sacramento State.  Dr. Ault left a tenure track position in 2022 to focus on RAGE Project full time.

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