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Our coaching and consulting philosophy is rooted in academic research, lived experience, and a commitment to anti-racism and restful leadership. We draw on the wisdom gained from many years of working with courageous individuals and innovative leaders, as well as from our own experiences as trauma survivors and advocates for social justice.

We offer a proven framework that integrates inside:outside strategies to help individuals and organizations achieve racial and gender justice. We also provide support to navigate racialized traumatic stress and overcome racial battle fatigue.

Dr. Ault, a professor emerita and former public administrator, has mentored and guided social justice leaders for over a decade, while also embodying the tenets of Critical Post Traumatic Growth and Restful Leadership in her own life.

RAGE is committed to walking alongside you on your journey towards freedom, full liberation, and leaving a lasting legacy of equity and justice.



Dr. Stacey Ault provides executive leadership, and life coaching for individuals and teams.

Learn how to:

  • set & achieve your career/personal goals

  • build leadership skills

  • tap into your unique strengths

  • identify personal obstacles

  • effectively use your anger

  • understand racialized traumatic stress

  • navigate racial battle fatigue

  • address imposter syndrome

  • move courageously

  • adopt a social justice agenda, and

  • engage in critical self-care.  


Discover how to create transformational change for yourself and others.  Our model helps you live your best life while fighting for liberation.

Focus areas

Our executive leadership coaching team is dedicated to helping equity leaders integrate social justice and equity into their leadership practice. We provide support to develop a leadership agenda, cultivate work-life harmony, and offer confidential think-partnerships.

In addition, we offer life coaching services that help individuals and groups manage trauma, including interpersonal trauma and racialized traumatic stress. Our coaching services are designed to support Black women, women of color, and select allies as they navigate their personal and professional lives through the lens of restful leadership and anti-racism.

We primarily work with:

  • Current and emerging Black leaders and nonBlack leaders of color.

  • Allies (or accomplices) interested in improving their equity literacy.

  • Racial equity & social justice teams.


methodology & Framework

We use an emergent anti-racist framework to help you create transformative and sustainable change.

Coaching packages are custom-created for your specific organizational or interpersonal needs. We recognize that everyone's journey and capacity is different, so we work with you to craft a specific plan that meets your unique goals.

Coaching is provided 1:1 and/or in small groups. A combination of team and individual coaching provides an opportunity to work on collective equity goals, as well as do the individual work necessary to create long-lasting change.

We believe in making our coaching services accessible and offer a sliding scale for individuals and organizations who may have financial constraints. Please inquire with us about our sliding scale options.


Individual Coaching sessions start at $525 a session. Most clients book 3-6 month packages to ensure consistent support toward goals. Organizational packages take into consideration the size of the group, number of group and individual sessions, and length of the contract.


Scholarships are available for Black women and youth to ensure equitable access to our coaching services. Please contact us to learn more.

Due to high demand, you may be placed on a waiting list if you want to work directly with Dr. Ault.

certified professional coach

Dr. Stacey Ault, MSW PPSC CPC, is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing Education. She received her post-graduate coaching training through the College of Executive Coaching, where she was provided with a personal self-discovery process to increase her own self-awareness—a fundamental element of personal mastery, emotional intelligence, and coaching presence—as well as specific knowledge, skills, confidence, and practice coaching with a straightforward, easy-to-use four-step coaching model, combined with top coaching assessment tools.

In addition, Dr. Ault is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches.

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