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we provide educational workshops, consulting and keynote presentations promoting racial & gender equity and uplifting restFUL LEADERSHIP.


Our team members are experts at curating and sharing stories; shifting narratives and inspiring leadership.  Using Critical Race Theory, storytelling and research based anti-racism strategies, each of our sessions are designed to produce internal and external transformation.  Workshops are customized to maximize capacity building; ensure stakeholder ownership; and uplift youth & community voice. 

Topics covered include (but aren't limited to): Implicit bias & anti-racism in the workplace; Cultural Diversity & Inclusion; cultural inclusivity & participatory engagement; social justice practices; (including Social Justice Youth Development); trauma, healing & growth; Social Emotional Learning (SEL) & equity within educational spaces; and trauma stewardship, restful leadership & self care. 


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We also provide equity coaching for leaders advancing racial and gender justice.


After providing cultural diversity, inclusion and equity training for over a decade, we are convinced, in order to move beyond surface level knowledge and performative change, leaders must engage in a process of inquiry that allows space for teams and individuals to address all the ways white supremacy culture shows up in their lives and workplace.  Working directly with Dr. Stacey Chimimba Ault will give you the opportunity to build individual and collective awareness; set clear direction; focus on healing and racial rest; build cohesiveness among the team (as everyone does their individual work); identify ways to engage key stakeholders; create a strategic plan to incorporate anti-racism into all areas of your organization; including personal, practices and policies.  This process generally takes six to twelve months. Committed organizations and leaders can also engage in an intensive three month process, in order to jump start this work.  As this coaching model is intensive, customized and highly competitive, space is limited.  Email Dr. Stacey to book a consultation appointment by clicking the button below. 

see below for some words about our work:

Dr. Ault's presentation was very uplifting and honest.  It gave me a new perspective on trauma and how to look at it through a strengths-based approach.  I appreciate her openness, it was one of my favorite presentations we've had all year.

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