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The Race and Gender Equity Project's mission is to harness the power of youth-led and community transformation through healing, education, advocacy and research.

We create spaces that create change.


Some 2021-2022 highlights made possible by donations and your generous gifts include:

  • RAGE Healing: a physical space designed and renovated by Black women where youth and community can engage in yoga, therapy and meditation.

  • Youth co-working space: a community library where young people gather and create change.

  • Provided over 100 hours of therapy for Black youth.

  • RAGE HEAL Fellowship: mentoring, coaching, and support to Black youth entrepreneurs in Sacramento.

  • RAGE'n Goddesses: a sisterhood of young Black women and girls creating change in their communities.

  • $40,650 of direct cash investments for youth and young adults.

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Thank You

for your


You may have benefited from one of our free classes, participated in a workshop, and/or you may want to invest in Black youth and emerging leaders. 


We are so grateful for your donation of any amount! Funds will be used to provide stipends to youth facilitators, healing services to youth and community members and other creative opportunities to our youth and community members.


The Race and Gender Equity Project is a 501(c)3.

For more information about large tax-deductible donations please email

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What's next

  • Donations of $25 or more a month will help provide cleaning supplies, books & journals , and other equipment for the RAGE spaces.

  • Donations of $50 or more can be used to buy equipment to make this space even more youth friendly.

  • Donations of $100 or more can be added to our #ragehealingfund and be used to provide a therapy session for Black youth. Monthly donations provide ongoing support!

  • If you make a donation of $1000 or more we can award our HEAL Fellows with seed money to invest in their business (once they complete our year long program.)

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