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we believe this moment in time offers us an opportunity to both reimagine and redesign places of work and learning ...  and co-create liberatory spaces that value rest

As we collectively grapple with what it means to rest, live, heal, grieve, and be, many of us are rethinking what is important, not just in our homes but in our workplaces.  As a professor, founder, and coach I am profoundly interested in reimagining workplaces and schools from a place of rest ... and I'm not alone.


  Many people are contemplating how they can be better leaders in this moment, in this time. Many people are practicing new ways of exercising equitable leadership, using strategies that are anti-racist, trauma informed and sustainable. 


This research examines the intersections of rest, liberation, and leadership.


We write this because we are tired.  We should rest.

- Dr. Stacey

Image of a Black woman smiling. She is wearing a headwrap and orange cardigan.

Currently, we are capturing the lived experiences of leaders, exploring what leaders and employees need, as well as gathering some of the best practices leaders are using to build more liberatory, restful workplaces and schools.

This research is being conducted in two phases:

1. A survey made up of closed and open-ended questions (launching September 2022). 

2. Personal interviews to collect more in-depth stories from selected participants.

If you are interested in being engaged in this research project please click below.

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