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RAGE advances the wellbeing of Black and nonblack youth of color through our pillars of Healing, Education & entrepreneurship, Advocacy & Research.

our mission
"we create spaces that create change"
about us
We believe, in order to create sustainable change, the voices and recommendations of the most historically and systemically oppressed youth and communities must be at the center. We focus on building leadership capacity in ways that all of us can move through the trauma of racism and oppression to individual and collective transformation & growth.  Our services are provided in the following ways:

Consulting: By connecting with our experienced consultants you will be able to learn about how historic oppression and white supremacy culture impacts your organization and develop clear action steps for engaging your stakeholders and advancing racial and gender justice leadership.

Coaching: Our transformational coaching model allows individuals & teams a space to do the deep inner work to dismantle white supremacy culture, address internalized racism, identify obstacles to growth, develop mental muscles, increase racial justice literacy, and deepen their individual and collective anti-racist practices. 

We also support women of color, and select allies, to unpack the trauma of racism and incorporate trauma-informed practices of rest, joy and resistance into their equity and inclusion work.

Community: We provide support, resources, leadership development and power building alongside young people ages 13-26.

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